Brahms Complete Violin Sonatas, available now!

The complete recording of the Brahms Violin and Piano Sonatas with the great violinist Vadim Tchijik is now available on all digital platforms and can also be purchased as a physical CD on the IBS Classical label. The first collaboration between these two great artists, the complete works for violin and piano by Brahms, is a recording of great intensity where violin and piano merge beautifully.

In Dr. Javier Albo’s words “After having performed the piano and violin Sonatas by Beethoven on the stage, the superb Spanish pianist Alberto Urroz and the brilliant Franco-Russian violinist Vadim Tchijik collaborate once again in this outstanding recording of the complete works for violin and piano by Brahms, a program they have also presented in public on numerous occasions. Those who have followed the careers of these two exceptional performers will be able to appreciate the profound rapport they exhibit in this recording. They have reached the stage of maturity in their careers that is necessary to render the challenging mature style of Brahms in all its profundity and beauty.”

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