Tributes to Enrique Granados in August

Alberto Urroz offers his personal homage to the figure of Enrique Granados during the month of August with solo piano recitals at the Mendigorría Festival (day 7) and the Seminari Cervera-Jordà in Lleida, the home city of Granados (day 11). Continuing in the antipodes, in the capital of the Philippines, Manila (day 21), the concert will feature a first part dedicated to the works for solo piano of Granados, and a second with a selection of Tonadillas in old style, Combat del Somni de Mompou and the Seven Spanish songs by Manuel de Falla with Andión Fernández, the great Spanish-Filipino soprano based in Berlin.

Alberto Urroz will also offer in Manila the world premiere of Sonata Domenica by the great Chinese-Filipino composer based in Berlin, Jeffrey Ching.


Granados-Scarlatti: Sonata k. 520

Ching-Scarlatti: Sonata Domenica (world premiere)

Granados: “El coloquio en la reja” and “El amor y la muerte” from the Goyescas Suite

Granados: Selection of Spanish dances. Galante, Oriental, Andalusian and Romantic.

Granados: Selection of 7 Tonadillas in old style.

Mompou: Combat del Somni.

Falla: Seven popular Spanish songs.

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