See you soon!

Dear friends and fans:

After my last recital in Lisbon, one of the concerts I have enjoyed the most in my life, on December 5, 2016, I decided to take a voluntary sabbatical, away from the concert halls and partially from teaching, until the end of June 2017. I need time and tranquility to rest, learn new repertoire and concentrate all my strength on other important personal and professional challenges of which I will report soon.

I have also decided to open a channel on YouTube where I can share some of the best videos and recordings of my recent events. If you wish to subscribe, you will all be welcome. For those who were asking for it, my recital in Lisbon can now be heard entirely on my YouTube channel.
[listen here]

My return is scheduled on June 30, 2017 in Berlin.

Greetings and see you soon,

Mi firma a escala

Alberto Urroz Sao Carlo Lisboa

Alberto Urroz en el Teatro Sao Carlo de Lisboa

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