Alberto Urroz founded the Mendigorría Internacional Music Festival in 2004 and has been the Festival´s Artistic Director ever since.

The Mendigorría International Music Festival began its journey in August 2004. Since the first edition, it has maintained an unchanging line of action: promoting culture and training at the highest level in historic places endowed with an important artistic heritage. Undoubtedly, the first objectives of the Music Festival of Mendigorría have always been to develop the musical culture in the privileged environment of Mendigorría, the festival’s headquarters, spreading its extraordinary heritage at the same time. This beautiful town of Navarra with just over a thousand inhabitants, the birthplace of the artistic director and founder of the Festival, favored from the beginning the development of a habitual initiative in other communities but without any equivalent proposal in Navarra in the distant year 2004.

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