Pauline Inspired, available now!

Pauline Inspired, the long-awaited new recording by Laure de Marcellus and Alberto Urroz featuring songs written by and for the great 19th century Spanish-French diva, composer and muse, Pauline García Viardot, is now available for streaming on the usual channels: iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, etc. This extraordinary selection of songs features world premieres such as some … [Read more…]

Great success of the 43rd International EPTA Conference under the presidency of Alberto Urroz, CEO.

The 43rd International EPTA Conference, organized in Madrid by EPTA Spain under the presidency of Alberto Urroz, appointed Conference CEO and European President of the European Piano Teachers Association for the 2020-2021 academic year, was held with great success despite the difficult global situation due to the pandemic. The Conference was attended by more than … [Read more…]

Laure de Marcellus and Alberto Urroz pay tribute to Pauline Garcia Viardot.

In March 2022, Pauline Inspired, Alberto Urroz and Laure de Marcellus’ first album collaboration, will be released internationally on the Centaur Records label. This project, conceived and recorded when most countries were under lockdown due to the pandemic, presents an extraordinary collection of beautiful melodies, many unknown and never recorded, written by and for the … [Read more…]

Alberto Urroz returns to the March Foundation with “Fantasies for piano”

Alberto Urroz will close on February 3 the cycle called “Nineteenth-century Spanish piano music: a proposed canon”. The program features piano works by Martín Sánchez Allú, Juan Bautista Pujol, Chopin and Liszt. It is a tribute to works inspired by stage music, especially operas by Donizetti, Bellini, Gounod, Verdi and zarzuela by Gaztambide. The concert … [Read more…]

Arkadia – Meetings with the Maestro

“Arkadia – meetings with the Maestro” is an international festival of excellence to promote training in classical music performance by the hand of Maestro Alberto Urroz. Arkadia was born from the need to reorient the current musical education where rush and interests outside of music are breaking the chain of knowledge and musical values ​​transmitted … [Read more…]

Concert in “Terras sem sombra” Festival with Filipina soprano Manila Adap

Within the XV program of the prestigious Portuguese festival “Terras sem sombra”, Alberto Urroz accompanies the Filipina soprano Manila Adap in an exceptional journey from the most recognized Filipino songs (Kundiman) to classics of the western repertoire for soprano. “Traveling Heart: Love and Lullaby Songs in the East and in the West” features songs by … [Read more…]

Success of the XIV International Music Festival of Mendigorría

Alberto Urroz performed the Schumann Quintet Op. 44 with the Diapente Quartet with great success at the opening of the festival. He also participated with the Spanish-Filipino soprano Andión Fernández and the Diapente Quartet in the emotional second recital of the festival where the commissioned work by composer J. Ching, based in Berlin, Städchen, Erlchen, … [Read more…]

See you soon!

Dear friends and fans: After my last recital in Lisbon, one of the concerts I have enjoyed the most in my life, on December 5, 2016, I decided to take a voluntary sabbatical, away from the concert halls and partially from teaching, until the end of June 2017. I need time and tranquility to rest, … [Read more…]